Turning your site visitors’ needs into desires

You’ve spent hours formulating your content, days spreading it over digital media, months chasing the visitors and years adapting it to their needs. They come, but do not stay; they hear, but do not listen. It is never easy to reach the target group with your message. It takes an effort. Or two. Or a dozen.

Someone asked on Quora, “What is the quickest way you got quality followers for your blog?” However you define “quality followers”, you want old visitors to stay and new visitors to become old. Old visitors who stay.

What makes users stay is the experience, or the feeling of an experience. They come back for more, when their desire to consume your content outweighs their need to do it. Learn how to turn what your visitors (users, customers, followers, etc.) were once persuaded they needed to do into something they are convinced they want to do.

It is not primarily what your visitors consume that you should focus on. It is how they do it and what they feel when they visit your website. Nine times of ten you should optimise the flow, not the product, in order to give your target group as seamless an experience as possible.

Do you agree? How would you go about making it a pleasure for the visitors to return to your site? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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