Twitter client for your desktop: Tweetbot for Mac

Among the many Twitter clients I’ve tried, I like Tweetbot for Mac andTweetDeck for Android the best. Let me start with the desktop client and save the rant about Twitter clients for mobile for next week.

Tweetbot was first released by Tapbots, LLC as a client for iPhone. Much and duly praised, it is one of the most popular mobile apps. Tapbots continued to make awesome and released Tweetbot even for iPad and Mac.

Tweetbot for Mac — Tapbots

I bought the desktop version of Tweetbot without a swipe on the surface of its mobile ancestor. For two reasons: hype and friend recommendation. I do not regret spending the money.

The client comes packed with great integrations with the services I love. Connect your Tweetbot with Droplr to upload and share photos and videos as well as shorten links. Add Pocket to save links in tweets for later reading. Which is also available at a stroke of a shortcut.

There are shortcuts for most actions you would perform on a tweet. Which really is the power of Tweetbot. Which would really be enough of a reason to buy it in the first place.

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