What I learned during the past 100 days

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The #blogg100 challenge is over, today is the last day. 99 blog posts later, this is what I’ve learned.

1. Writing takes effort

Blogging as a form of writing takes effort. It was strenuous at times to find the right thoughts to write (which is one of the reasons I shared several videos instead).

2. Writing takes effort

In order to get the worth of time you spend on writing, you have to perfect your skills. To become better, you have to learn to practise and practise to learn.

3. Writing takes effort

Every time I heard someone was a professional blogger, I was a little bit skeptical of it. Is it possible to blog full time, and better yet make a living by it? Now I know better. It is possible. If you are good.


So there you have it. After one hundred blog posts during one hundred days, I am taking a break from daily writing. I am not drained though. I will continue blogging on celareartem.com, continue practising and becoming better.

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