Why I’m not a hummingbird when I come to your site

I am constantly amazed at how people are watchful, vigilant even, of me as a visitor to their sites. Their wary eyes observe every single step I take, as soon as I land on their territory. They keep quiet, uncertain, relishing my first appearance. They try to get to know me, my habits, my temper, my drive. They are always looking for the answer to the Question, gnawing at their stats. How can we make him stay longer?

Now let me tell you, I’m not a hummingbird you can scare off by a feather. I’m a scar-faced war-beaten flesh-starved nubian vulture, for goodness’ sake. I know what I want, and if you don’t have it, I’m out of here. I’m not going to amble around your green pastures looking for my prey. No honey and milk can make me stay, when all I want is raw meat and blood.

Here’s a perspective. When you meet a person for the first time, you don’t start by asking them to answer a couple of questions about yourself. Then why are you popping a web survey up before I had a decent chance of taking a look at your stuff?

And here’s the news. If you want me to stay longer, be prepared to sacrifice time and effort. You may know the length and strength of my carnivorous beak, but if you don’t know my personality, how will you ever make your stuff attractive? Say hi. Get to know me. Contribute to the relationship. And maybe, one day, I’ll eat your vapid sprigs or twigs, thinking I’ve been a hummingbird all along.

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