Tightening the rules of #blogg100

After last year’s blogging challenge, #blogg100, by Fredrik Wass, there were only a couple of posts seeing the light of day on this blog. For different reasons, too: my second daughter born in August, my work keeping me busy as a beaver, my requirements for a “real” blog post being high.

I’m now on a five-month paternity leave. Being so considerate of my time, Fredrik thought #blogg100 wouldn’t hurt this year either. So what can possibly go wrong with struggling to produce a blog post a day for hundred days in a row in between feeding two mouths, pram walks in the parks and smelly diaper changing? Nothing right?

I like challenges, so I accept it. As though this text production enterprise wasn’t challenging enough, I thought of a new rule, for me. I will limit my posts to 100 words—no more, no less. I will most probably not limit myself to seven topics, however I will try to keep some kind of a progress plan. A couple of blog posts are already in the drafts, so I’m anxiously looking forward to how this will turn out this year, starting on the March 1, 2014.

Thank you, Fredrik. Let’s do this.