Hi, my name is Artem. I live in Sweden and work with operational development of a customer and citizen service centre at a municipality. I speak four languages and can get by in three more. I’m into user, customer and citizen experience, public sector, open data, service design, and social and digital media.

Drop me a line and say hi at hello@celareartem.com,
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About celareartem.com

“Celare Artem” is part of a phrase in Latin Ars est celare artem, which roughly means “It is true art to conceal art”. Concealing “artem” (myself, in a sense)—and bringing out true value—is a way for me to pursue excellence, the endeavour I make moderate progress in.

This site has gone through many a re-thought. The latest is this: I’ve tried to collect all blogs and writings in one place. Here, I am now blogging about the things I enjoy: UX, CX, CITX, web design, media and language. The blog may contain an occasional piece of fiction, thoughts on parenthood and life in general. If this re-thought holds, the posts will predominantly be written in English.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to offer a disclaimer. Some of my old posts that have found their home on this blog are written in Russian and Swedish. Most of them are tagged Personal. Some links are broken. Some things are poorly formulated at best and plain wrong at worst. I may not be proud of them, but I am not ashamed—I’ve learned from the mistakes and been shaped into who I am today.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.