I’ve changed my name. Here’s why.

Artem Pereverzev is a strange name to pronounce. If you are Russian-speaking or know the language, you realise that the right way to spell it is this: Артём Переверзев.

The background

A surname with a number-three-looking letter in it is indeed strange. The fact that I am a citizen of Latvia and officially, the name appearing in my passport must comply with the country’s linguistic rules (which results in an another and horrendous spelling of my name) doesn’t make things easier. Over the years, I’ve heard all kinds of jokes, too. Artem-Fartem is most probably my least favourite of them.

The context

  • On Wednesday, I embarked on the quest to complete the #blogg100 challenge by Fredrik Wass.
  • Since 2009, my Twitter handle has been @pereverzev, which isn’t easy to remember or pronounce, if you’re not one of ca. 265,000,000,000 Russian-speakers.
  • My domain celareartem.com (which for the next 98 days will redirect to blog.celareartem.com) consists of seven different letters: C, E, L, A, R, T and M.
  • My other Twitter account @clartem, where all seven letters are present, has been passive. (I’d love to lay hands on @celareartem, but it’s already occupied. Do you know someone who knows someone? I’d like to ask for a favour!)

The result

Yesterday, I swapped the two Twitter handles around, because I figured hey, publishing a blog post a day for the next 100 days is a great way to promote my content on Twitter, where people can recognise me by my username. So, why did I change my username? Because I believe it’s easier to remember and pronounce. That’s why. (Some day, it might result in having to do with my personal brand. Some day.)

And maybe I’ll just go ahead and do a similar thing to what Niclas Strandh did. Who? Oh, right. His name is Deeped.

Turning your site visitors’ needs into desires

You’ve spent hours formulating your content, days spreading it over digital media, months chasing the visitors and years adapting it to their needs. They come, but do not stay; they hear, but do not listen. It is never easy to reach the target group with your message. It takes an effort. Or two. Or a dozen.

Someone asked on Quora, “What is the quickest way you got quality followers for your blog?” However you define “quality followers”, you want old visitors to stay and new visitors to become old. Old visitors who stay.

What makes users stay is the experience, or the feeling of an experience. They come back for more, when their desire to consume your content outweighs their need to do it. Learn how to turn what your visitors (users, customers, followers, etc.) were once persuaded they needed to do into something they are convinced they want to do.

It is not primarily what your visitors consume that you should focus on. It is how they do it and what they feel when they visit your website. Nine times of ten you should optimise the flow, not the product, in order to give your target group as seamless an experience as possible.

Do you agree? How would you go about making it a pleasure for the visitors to return to your site? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Bring it on, writing challenge!

My first blog appeared on the Internets around 2003-2004. It’s vanished into void since then. Several attempts were made to restore the regularity of my blogging, to no avail. But with Fredrik Wass’ 100-day challenge to write a blog post a day, I’ve decided to take up writing again. See, I’ve always been fascinated by how one can use words to create meaning. This is what I’m going to try to accomplish here.

My main interests are languages, design, web design and development as well as user and customer experience. So I expect my blog posts will touch on these topics. I will probably post a photo or two; maybe even some other kind of content will pop up along the journey.

I’m thinking of mostly writing short posts in English. Sometimes maybe Swedish or Russian. Kicking things off is this post, which I deem qualifying for the challenge. You are very welcome to follow this blog; I’d be honoured if you choose to.