Image:Foot-notesFor the past couple of days I have been reading this book that is called Foot-notes and is written by Lena Maria. It is a story about a girl who enjoys life more than anyone I have ever met.

She is different from others. Her left leg is half the size of her right leg. She never saw her arms being created into this world. She is what is politically correct to call disabled, a handicap. She is a person and she is alive.

Lena Maria was born with a physical disability, but in no way is she a cripple. God has allowed her to live the life some would only wish they lived. Her enormous success in swimming, singing and painting was not what made her famous even in Japan. It is her iron will, the joy of living and strong faith in Jesus Christ that raised her up to stand firm.

On March 27, 2006, she kindly agreed to come to our school.

Those psycho books

Those psycho booksBooks, books, books… This is all I could think of today. Currently, there are three sections in the library that are being explored by me. Well, actually, four – Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology and Edification Literature. The reason is simple. I am writing a Bachelor paper on the topic of how a religious conversion has effects on a suicide (ie. a person who commits suicide).

So I’ve gone through all books in the Medicine and Psychiatry sections today (they are not as many as the other two). Here’s the list of the book titles (so it’s clear what monsters await me):

  • Support or Burden? The Roll of Religion in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • The Early Swedish Psychiatry
  • The Nerve-health and the Christian Beliefs
  • Man in Crisis
  • The Psychiatry of Youth
  • The Man before Sickness and Suffering
  • The Self-healing Man

Now the titles are approximate, because they are all in Swedish and I am a bad translator. But you get the picture.

A lift and a-rabic

Image:MoneyTomorrow I’m being given a lift to Skövde, which is nice – I won’t have to pay 45 kr for the bus. I’ll still need to get a bus to Ryd, which is where the church I go to is situated. The church’s called Skogsrokyrka. There are about a hundred people coming there every Sunday. They have four different teams there. They are many musically talented people there in the church.

I’ve started picking up some … Arabic. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s so fun and cool. I know several words and phrases already. For example, I know “Thank you!”, “You and I”, “You are a friend”, “I love you” and a little more. Hopefully, by the end of my time in Sweden I will have learned enough to be able to at least read some Arabic 🙂

Mechanics of faith

You may wonder why it’s necessary to spend so much time going over every verse and nuance in the text. We’ve been parked on justification and faith… Why continue? Besides the fact that the apostle Paul does? Well, just as it’s possible to drive your car even if you’re not a mechanic, it’s possible to be a christian without understanding these things fully, but when you break down in the middle of the night, in the rainstorm, on the wrong side of town, having a mechanic in the front seat with you probably is going to do a lot to ease your concerns about the situation. And when challenges and trials come in life, knowing these things in detail can be the difference between worship right there in the midst of the storm and a period of back-sliding when you trust promises of sin and expedience rather than God and righteousness.”

…talking about the study of the book of Romans, from the introduction to one of the radio talks given daily by John Piper.

Roe morning

After taking a shower, I looked out of the window this morning and didn’t believe my eyes – about 40 meters from where I stood in my room, three roes were jogging in Indian file. I was absolutely speechless, wishing I had my camera ready. They reminded me of morning exercises that I’ve been in need of for long.

Last weekend


Last weekend I spent with my sister in Kristianstad. On Friday I left home and travelled for four hours by bus and trains to get there. Had a really nice time there. On the way back read about thirty pages of Albert Camus’ The Stranger. Got home on Sunday evening, exhausted but relaxed.

Have bought tickets to go visit Dave in Scotland. I hope they let me into the country after they see my fat stupid ugly face. We’ll see.

The green ona bila

In forest born the elochka
In forest she’s alive.
In winter, summer stroynaya
The green ona bila.
Metelj her tell the pesenka
Sleep elochka bai-bai.
Moroz to snow ukutival,
To look ne zamerzai.
Trusishka rabbit serenjkiy
Pod elochkoy the jump.
Sometimes the wolf, the angry wolf
Riscoyu probegal.

Chu, snow on forest chastomu
Pod polozom zip-zap.
Loshadka mohnonogaya
Too quickly, quickly run.
Vezet loshadka drovenki,
A v drovnyah angry man.
He killing our elochka
Pod samiy koreshok.
And now she is the beautiful
On party k nam to go.
And many many radosti
To children prinesla.

About getting attached

The study week is over. The second week in Sweden has almost passed. And the feeling still stays. The weird feeling of this willingness to stay here mixing with the longing for home. I guess I’m afraid of both – of staying here till the end, which could result in my alienation from home – and of longing for home, which would hinder me from experiencing everything I have before me here.

Image:AtriumThis is what I mean: I think that if I let myself get used to this place too much (I don’t know where the border lies), I might as well not want to come back home! But since I have to come back to Latvia, it would be all the more difficult when I’m actually back. If, on the other hand, I try to keep a distance in my relationship with this land – if I try to not get attached to it too much by remembering my homeland every moment and every day of my stay here in Sweden, I might as well not want to be here at all!, because I would miss out on things I would be enjoying here otherwise.Past week was regular. Except for several things. One was that a reminder on my telephone went off during the big morning meeting during our rector’s request to not use cell phones in the school premises (classrooms and canteen). Everyone laughed, I looked like a ripen tomato. Talk about coincidences!

Another thing was that on Thursday we had guest lecture type of thing, given by a former police lady who talked about alcohol and drugs – how to use the former and grow the latter 😉 (or was I too drunk or stoned to remember what she was talking about?) 😛

My sister who lives in Sweden has sent me the tickets so I’ll visit her next weekend. I’m excited to finally get to see her. But tonight (late on January 20) I read that because of the heavy snowfall many trains and planes in Sweden and Denmark were cancelled. So whether or not I will travel down to the south of Sweden at the end of the next week is kind of unclear.

Two things I’ve learned this week: I can cook and I need more sleep.