Asana – a tool to help you stay productive

Humans are a very smart and generally productive species. But then there are many things craving for our attention. When we succumb to the distractions, our productivity curve bends down. Trying to stay focused becomes a fight you daily start anew.


Enter Asana. Designed to simplify your own and your team’s workflow, it will help you focus on working, not on the administration of your activities. There are four main hierarchical levels: workspace, project, task and subtask. (The last two can also be categorised under different “priority headings”.)

You can assign tasks to group members and you can navigate easily to your own and members’ tasks. The very smart shortcuts that let you forget you have a mouse or trackpad, as well as bulk editing of tasks are probably my favourite features. But there are many more. Comments, attachments (and image previews), due dates, notes and tags – it’s all there with no clutter.


Not without shortcomings(and please mind that this week’s stability issuesdo not count), Asana is a tool I’ve found great to use as a one place to store everything: my to-do lists, project documentation, meeting notes, etc.

Asana is an app that you can access both via your web browser (best experience, in my opinion) and on a range of mobile devices.

Visit their website to learn more.