The way of distraction

Children are easily distracted. Give them a teddy bear, they’ll take it. Give them a princess doll, they’ll forget the bear. They see that the princess is shinier.

Can you do anything to keep them interested in the teddy bear? You press on its belly to start the music! “What’s that? Can it dance, too?” the kid’s mesmerised by the animal. Again.

To keep your customers, you must rekindle the love you once shared. Highlight the benefits of your product. Show them how it completes them and fulfills their cravings.

That is if you already know what they desire.

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Start a business in 24h

The idea behind 24 Hour Business Camp is simple. People come together to start Internet businesses within 24 hours. #24hbc was founded by Ted Valentin, a pretty much successful webdeveloper and Internet entrepreneur. Ted is the developer behind,,, etc. Most of the startups this year are characterised by Web 2.0, web and mobile applications, social media and networks as well as realtime applications.
What I wonder is how many websites that are founded during these autumn hours are going to be used after the annual camp is over. Last year’s winner,, have not posted anything on their blog since February 2009. Hope that the other startups are doing better and that they really will be usable. Though maybe the very point was not at all that the startups should be usable? Maybe the inventors exist only to invent things and not make them usable?