Guitar and girls

Today I found out that there will be a guitar that I will be able to use at my school in Sweden. The guy who has been keeping corresponding with me and helping me with stuff said I would be able to use his guitar there. I’m very excited. Guitar is something I can NOT live without. Alongside with the computer. And girls. What? Girls? What girls? I hear everyone asking.

Image:JewelYeah. Here’s the second piece of news for me today. I was told that there’s not gonna be anyone ELSE at school except Swedish students. Of course, it made me kinda sad. I began feeling lonely already here. But today I found out that there will indeed be someone OTHER than Swedes at school – a certain girl from Latvia who is staying there for another semester. In Dane Cook‘s words, How bad-a** is that? That is cool, man. Seriously though, the news brightened my dull day and set a ray of light into my otherwise bleak existence. I think being away from home for so long will not be as boring and as depressing as it could be after all. Oh, the only condition is that we should speak Swedish with each other. But come on! How hard is that?

P.S. Everything written above is meant literally with NO double or triple or quadruple thoughts and/or between-the-lines meanings whatsoever. Honest!



I have been busy writing different e-mails to the school, finding out stuff about the tickets. Anyway, I’m excited to go to Sweden. I will probably take my computer there. Not that the school doesn’t already have them. I just need mine… I don’t know how I would be able to live without it. It’s what gives me hope and confidence in tomorrow. It’s my hope and my life. It’s my all in all :S

Should I reconsider my beliefs? 😀